The Reception Of 1920s Jazz With A Club Like Atmosphere Essay

The Reception Of 1920s Jazz With A Club Like Atmosphere Essay

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Our class was in charge of designing a relaxing, enjoyable, and engaging reception before dinner. The theme of the reception was 1920s Jazz with a club like atmosphere. We chose to replicate Cotton Club from the 1920 and 1930s. The reception took place at the University of Indianapolis in Uindy Hall B on December 3rd, from 5:30-6. The people that were invited to the reception were professors at the University of Indianapolis. The cocktail hour included virgin cocktails made by the Imagination Emporium, small appetizers, music, and card games.


As a class, we did not conduct any surveys or research prior to this event. We received information from our account holder, Dr. Garmann.


For the event we worked as a team and collaborated together as a large group. We did not subdivided into small groups for this event. Dr. Garmann asked for us to make some panels for the dinner room, history of the cotton club posters, as well as designing the club. The colors that were given to us to use for the event were black, white, yellow, cobalt blue, teal, burnt orange, and red. We brainstormed for the supplies that we would need to replicate the Cotton Club. We decided on purchases lanterns with LED lights to set the mood, feathers, pearls, chalkboard pant, paintbrushes, and drink supplies. For the panels that we made we purchased black, white, blue, and red paint. The designs for the panels were bricks and windows looking into the cotton club and had a silhouette of a person. For the virgin cocktails that we made we brain stormed of different drinks during the period and substituted the alcohol with a different juice or soda. The supp...

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...sphere that encourages the guests to mingle and converse.
Location: Uindy Hall B
Duration: 30 minutes 5:30-6
60 people approximately
Personnel: People to make drinks (bar set-up), greeter, and costumed interpreters
Budget: $400 materials and $200 for drinks
Building Materials: foam panels, PVC pipe, brace system, fabric, chalkboard paint, vintage picture frames, and paint
Additional props: Urban rustic bar with felt set-up, feathers, pearls

Dr. Meigs met with the woman in charged of the event and this what she voiced she wanted in the proposal:
• Dancing
• Costume themed people
• 4 different drinks
• She likes idea of recorded music instead of live music
• The colors that were given to use on the poster were red, yellow, dark blue, black, grey, cobalt blue, and burnt orange.
• Drink budget is reduced to $75 she is looking for stemware.
• History of cotton club

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