Essay about Recent Survey On Automotive And Manufacturing Industries

Essay about Recent Survey On Automotive And Manufacturing Industries

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Recent survey on automotive and manufacturing industries in Malaysia, Japan, India, US show still an indispensable need of standard implementation of lean in the current stage. So new methodology is proposed for systematic implementation and for continuous improvement in process. In the proposed method there are five phases (1) Pre-implementation (2) valve stream (3) flow (4) pull (5) perfection.

Case study

Pre – implementation:

Production and process details (company background): proposed method is applied in the XZY company in Australia for elimination of all forms of wastes and giving more valve to product which includes production, marketing and service of small and medium voltages switchgear. It has 4 main operations flow lines RC-01 ES electrical control module cubical assembly line, cable making line, switchgear assembly line and OSM automatic circuit recloses assembly line. For the implementation of the technique we focus on the RC-01ES electrical control assembly line,

Team for lean determination and performance variables:

Formation of the lean team is to differ the management and frontline workers. Team consists of mechanical engineer, skilled and experienced operator, expert in lean manufacturing and finally project manager who leads the team members. All the workers (operators and foreman) were trained regarding lean production by conducting seminars, discussion and observed the performances by the team. Intensive training to workers improves the process in efficiency and effectiveness.

Process map (valve stream mapping):

In this phase, VSM (valve stream mapping) will analysis the production flow to eliminate the wastes and improves the labor productivity, time, reduce cost, quality, management skills and enhan...

... middle of paper ...

... 62
Effectiveness 72 73

Table (1): performances comparison between before and after implementation

Calculation of efficiency and effectiveness will be done as mentioned before in the above. The new redesigned process increased the performance of company by producing more switchgear modules in less time
Lean strategies are applied for a new systematic and standard methodology to identify the wastes by time study and VSM.

Future studies

In lean production time and finance were important constrains. Many researchers developed many techniques and tool but due to lot of research done by different researcher caused overlapping of tools and models, so it become tough to select the models for many companies. Management integrated lean technique should be improved. As very company is concern about environment, so this influencing factor should taken into consideration.

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