Essay on The Recent Issue of Young Adults Living at Home

Essay on The Recent Issue of Young Adults Living at Home

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The number of young adults living at home has consistently increased since the recession, despite a seemingly improving economy (Shah, 2013). According to Lisa Wade, an associate professor at Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA, approximately 17% of young adults amid the ages of 25 and 44 still live at home (Wade, 2013). There are several unrelated issues that contribute to this staggering number. When trying to live out on your own; there is much to consider. If you are living alone, then all the bills would be solely your responsibility. However, having a roommate or two would distributing the financial obligation can be helpful. This can invade on the level of privacy that can be accumulated from living singly.
The literature agrees that although there are other options for young adults to choose as a living arrangement, a growing amount are electing to live with parents for conditions related to their employment status (Biggart, 2006). The transition of moving away from the home of parents has become more difficult in light of the recent recession. The existing unemployment rate for young adults intensifies the struggle when attempting to pursue independence and obtain individualism (Warner, 2012). The rate of unemployment for the 18 – 31 age groups nearly doubles that of the next age group comprised of their senior cohort. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 63% of the stated young adult age groups were not employed in 2012, with this being the highest percentage in forty years (2012). Most parents have a very strong influence on the course of the career their children chooses to follow. Finding employment that will support a household with established debt from college and other growing expenses has proven to be a real ...

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...of the family in career development. Exceptional Children, 73(3),., 348-366.
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