Essay on Recent Changes to Popular Culture

Essay on Recent Changes to Popular Culture

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Popular Culture consisted of many rapid changes in terms of art and media. Art took form in music, fashion, film/television, pop art, photography, and sculpture, and other styles. Media took for also in film, television, and fashion, as mass consumerism rapidly expanded in western households. Media and art in the Pop Culture era established a non-stylistic approach to how the world is perceived (Whiteley 1985:45).
“But pop did affect taste. It made us less conservative, less sure of our taste, more tolerant, and more open minded. It opened our eyes and taught us that design could be colourful and imaginative... Pop was against purity and puritanism, and it positively stylistic diversity and visual eclecticism.” ( Whiteley 1985:45)
This quote touches upon the expansion of social change, as society began to become involved in civil rights movements, and within Western households. Not only did art and media bring attention to social issues that were occurring in the world, but it also provided answers on how members of society could contribute to change. The era of Pop Culture occurred post The Second World War, and was the result of a shift to 'Consumerist' society. A Consumerist society is “an advanced state of consumer society in which private affluence on a mass scale is the dominant force in the market place” (Whiteley 1985:35). This mass consumerism allowed for westerners to obtain goods quickly, and thus made both art and media easily obtainable. Art and Media were similar is their applications to mass production, and to social commentary/ activism. This paper will compare the similarities between art and media in order establish their effects on culture change.
Art became a product of mass production starting in the 'High...

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... and this was also done by the mass production of film over the media of television.
In conclusion, Art and Media in Pop Culture was similar in terms of the way that it brought about mass production, and social activism and commentary. Art was able to use mass production in order to be replicated, like with fashion, and Media was also able to be produced through using commercials, which in turn then convince consumers to use more. Art was also able to create social commentary and activism through the use of music, and visual art that was produced on a large scale. In the same way, Media provided an outlet for this music to be shared with the world, and also allowed other artists to use film to broadcast their message to as many viewers as they can. These caused viewer to be a ware of social issues, and to take a more liberal stance when it came to social justice.

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