Recall Bias in Research Design Essay

Recall Bias in Research Design Essay

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It is most likely every major text on epidemiology involved in retrospective research is influenced by recall bias. Scientists have identified recall bias to occur when accuracy of recall regarding prior exposure is different for cases versus control (RAPHAEL, 1987). The possibility for recall bias exists whenever historical self-report information is elicited from respondents (RAPHAEL, 1987). Therefore, the potential for the occurrence is likely to be greatest in case-control studies or cross-sectional studies with retrospective elements, as well as some cohort prospective and control randomized trial designs (Hassan, 2006). Since recall bias is an undesired element, intended to potentially distort the study, the initial design of research study needs to implement a proper strategy. In construction of the design, an abstract, methods and conclusion alone do not restrict recall bias.

To limit the need for recall itself it would be more desirable to depend on scientific data, as is the most obvious choice. However, research does not provide us with this luxury. Thus, one method to restrict or rule out recall bias is the use of actual exposure status verified through unbiased records (RAPHAEL, 1987). Although this method is most limited as it depends on the unbiased records made available in studies. The initial formatting of questionnaires is another consideration to insure research accuracy and validity scale. A popular form is the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory used in studies eliciting self-report responses (RAPHAEL, 1987). The MMPI has demonstrated successful outcomes and limited recall bias with an analytical approach to cross sectional studies. As assertive measurements to evaluate recall bias are in place, ...

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...his evaluated? The valuable status collected during the initial emergency room visit presents the most usable information to this study, making this study reportable. Alcohol and drug use remain globally problematic and therefore epidemiological scientists continue to report findings of research in hopes of communicating its findings and finally the overall focus of making a change for the better.


Hassan, E. (2006). Recall Bias can be a Threat to Retrospective and Prospective Research Designs . . The Internet Journal of Epidemiology™ ISSN: 1540-2614 .
RAPHAEL, K. (1987). Recall Bias: A Proposal for Assessment and Control. International Journal of Epidemiology , 167-171.

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