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A wise man once told me “With any engine project, a solid foundation is necessary” (Jewett). Racing has been a major part of my life ever since I was little. While growing up, my uncles working on cars and racing together has impacted me. When I was little, I watched my uncles race, and it made me want to race when I got older. However, the instructions for rebuilding a twenty-three-hundred motor include the type, bottom end and the head.
The fundamentals about rebuilding a twenty-three hundred motor are critical when it comes to rebuilding the motor. The fundamentals tell the builder what they are to aspect and need to know about rebuilding the twenty-three hundred motor. According to Circle Track Magazine “With any engine project, a solid foundation is necessary” is needed when the builder is ready to start building any engine project (“With”). Carley contradicts himself can’t have it both ways. On the one hand, he argues “with any engine project, a solid foundation is necessary” (Jewett). On the other hand, he also says “every engine project starts with the block because the block is the foundation for everything else that follows. (Carley).The builder needs to know that the foundation is going to be a stable and successful process when the builder is finished with the engine project. While doing an engine project is going to be tricky the builder is going to need to know the specific details about how to do the motor. There are numerous types of motors that can be built or rebuilt.
Many four-cylinder cars can be found at the racetrack. However Circle Track Magazine states “where ever you find Mini Stocks, you are likely to find the Ford 2.3 engine in the pit area” (Jewett). Mini stocks have a major roll in dirt track...

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