The Rebellion Of Paxton Boys Essay

The Rebellion Of Paxton Boys Essay

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Unfortunately, the Pontiac Rebellion aggravated the brutal reaction of the “Paxton Boys” in the same year which led to the “Paxton Riots of 1763”. Paxton was a small frontier town in Pennsylvania, inhabited by mostly by Scotch-Irish Presbyterians. The town was known for political unrest during the Pontiac Rebellion and how it suffered many casualties in the French and Indian War. The frontiers have always wanted to defend themselves from incessant raids from the local Indians and political unrest during the Pontiac Rebellion of that same year; but disappointingly, their request for soldiers and guns was never taken seriously by the state legislators. The frontiers felt the government was being callous by being indifferent towards their safety and community. Then on December 14, 1763, “Paxton Boy” decided to take the matter into the own hands when they invaded a very small village of Conestoga and killed six Indians. It was indeed a misplaced vengeance; the butchered Indians were particularly known to be very friendly and hospitable to their neighbors, they were also never part of the uprising (Pontiac Rebellion) at any point in time. (Franklin)
Although, on hearing of the dastardly act of the Paxton men, Governor Penn issued warrants for their arrest, the people of the town refused to assist the police in bringing the perpetrators to book because they sympathized with them. However, the Paxton Boys did not relent; they went further to massacre the other fourteen Indians who were being protected by the provincial head. To make matter worse, on learning about another larger group of Indians who have been converted to Christianity and are been sheltered in Philadelphia, they decided to match to Philadelphia in large number with the i...

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...He also ended the letter with prayers for the Danbury Christians.(Jefferson)
Although, Jefferson’s tenure as the president brought about some monumental reforms politically, religiously, and economically; it was also not free from conflicts. In the 1830s and 1880s, the United States witnessed mixture of wars (racial and political) evangelical reforms that addressed wide range of cultural issues: Indian Removal, slavery, and prostitution. But one issue that generated so much controversy among the evangelical anti-slavery movement was the issue of women rights in a male dominant society. Certain women organizations had opposed only male leadership as regards clerical duties; they also agitated for rights for prostitutes, Native Americans, and slaves. These events all come together into Women’s Rights movement that advocated for women’s voting rights and equal rights.

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