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`` Rebel Without A Cause `` Essay

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As young adults we crave independence. We get tired of our parents telling us what to do, and always look forward to the day when we no longer have to rely on them. We want our freedom, but we never stop to think what life would be like if we had it. In the 1955 film, Rebel Without a Cause, we see a character named Plato living with that freedom. Not by choice, but by his neglectful parents. He gives us a taste of how life without parental control can be damaging to one’s self being, and the absence of parental love and authority can have us seeking the attention we desire in unethical ways. In this case, it causes insecurities, disturbs his mental state, and makes him delusional.
It is quite clear from the beginning that Plato’s abandonment from his parents have affected his self-esteem, left him with insecurities, and a bit of distrust in others. “You talk to the man, John, he’s going to help you.’ ‘Nobody can help me,” are the words exchanged between Plato and his loving maid at the police station where both characters are first introduced. We quickly learn, from the house maid, that his mother is “always going away somewhere” and they haven’t seen his father “in a long time”. Plato is the target of desertion and at this point in his life finds it hard to believe anyone would invest their time in him. Bosley Crowther describes him as, “a thoroughly lost and hero-searching lad because his parents have left him completely in the care of a maid,” In my opinion, his insecurities and distrust in others show in his relationship with the house maid. She is a mother like figure, who evidently cares about him, and gets no recognition from Plato. He seems to constantly steer away from her advice and avoid communicating with her. She i...

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...onely world he lived in. As we can see, it affected Plato’s state of mind and his ability to “comprehend, much less maintain, any form of a healthy relationship,” as Danny Weitzman says. The lack of attention affects everyone differently, some learn to cope with it and others find ways to regain it. The lesson of the film here is that parents need to invest more time in their children. Children and teens act out in need of attention and sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with hormonal teens; but we need to learn how to read our children. Time and devotion are keys to learning more about one another and having a happy family. Rebel Without A Cause explains to us the importance of family, communication, and presence. It helps us understand that life without the love of family can place us in a desperate and confusing world; somewhere no one should be a part of.

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