Essay on The Rebel Of The Classic Rebel

Essay on The Rebel Of The Classic Rebel

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A cross-dressing up to no good “rebel “of a solider know as Klinger off the TV show M*A*S*H brings to light the harsh reality of being an unwilling draft solider by trying constantly to be discharged. Klinger plays the portral of the archtype of the classic rebel. The Rebel archetype is a very American archetype and is in some ways a definitive behavior of the American individual and is inexorably linked to freedom. Klinger eximplifies this; his whole goal is freedom- more specifically to get out of the draft that he was sucked into. The show takes place in the 1950’s when America was drafting soldiers for the Korean and Vietnam Wars; Klinger wearing his insane “uniform” hoping to convince his superiors that he 's mentally unstable illustrates the culture stigma of the 1950’s draft. Men who were drafted were expected to serve but not all men wanted to be drafted Klinger’s character symbolizes the unheard cry of drafted soldiers.
An example of Klinger 's sassy rebel character would be this qoute:
Klinger singing: Oh, some guys like the army,
I think that it 's a mess.
If it 's so damned terrific,
How come I wear a dress? (Web. Qoute 23).
In the qoute above he is voicing his distaste for the army and him wearing the dress epitomizes how willing he is to exibit his protest. The army has very strict rules and Klinger sought to bend and break as many he could. Not only is his end goal (being discharged from the army) rebel like but his whole character embues to being a rule breaker.To get to the core of Klinger 's character is a quote:
"Klinger: About my heart murmer, Sir.
Potter: No.
Klinger: My double vision is coming back.
Potter: No." (Web. Qoute 8).
Classic Klinger always trying to convience everyone he was unstable and ...

... middle of paper ...

...osm on our nation but shows on TV like Family Guy make a jokes about the terriosts and light of a serious threat. M*A*S*H also brought a sense of humor to the war. The time period was when those wars were unwanted and not suppourted by the American people much like today most Americans do not want another Invision of Iran or Afghanistan.
Klinger 's character is the archtype of the classic rebel and had a profound impact on TV and our culture. Klinger and the M*A*S*H paved the way for modern TV shows and their characters to have humor dealing with world situtatuions and famous people. If shows like M*A*S*H never established this what would modern TV be like? Would their be no Modern Family, vampires, and zombies to name a few "modern" accepted intests? I think it be vastly different, traditonal and censored than our TV today and the characters that reside in them.

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