Essay on Reasons Why was Jesse James Famous

Essay on Reasons Why was Jesse James Famous

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My historical figure is Jesse James. Jesse is from the Old Western time period. Jesse is a notorious bank robber. He is viewed by many as the American Robin Hood. There are few who don’t know his name. He is arguably the most known and influential criminal known to Old Western American history.

September 5, 1847, in Kearney, Missouri marked the birth of Jesse James. Jesse was brought up by a very renowned farming family. He and his brother Frank received a great education. His father, Robert James, ironically a baptist reverend, and his mother Zerelda Cole James. James and Frank joined the Confederate guerrilla soldiers when Jesse was 16. They were alongside William Quantrill and “Bloody Bill” Anderson. Some say the harsh treatment of the union soldiers turned James against the cause; forcing him to become a rebel. Though he was a criminal he is viewed by many in a very positive light and/or manner. His strategic ways and his ability to evade the authorities and bounty hunters is the notoriety. The folk tales about him stealing from the rich and giving back to the poor and in need is the legend. It is indeed a fact that he is a very controversial figure in American History. Views upon him vary per person, however everyone has and will speak about him regardless of their views. Many other old western criminals wanted to be him. However, none succeeded in fully becoming the phenomenon that is Jesse James.

Jesse James joined the Confederate soldiers in the spring of 1863. Some say when Jesse and Frank were in the confederate soldiers the harsh treatment they received was what led them to the life of crime they soon had led. This birthed the influential figure of the wild west so to speak. This event “sparked the flame” ...

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... he did indeed have “spidey senses” he would’ve known not to trust Robert Ford, who was branded a coward for the rest of his life.

Without a doubt, Jesse James has the greatest outlaw story ever told. Robin Hood suites his legend and fame very well. The influential being that is Jesse James shall be forever immortalized. His story will be passed on from generation to generation. He is one of the most controversial legends there is. Immortalized simply for doing wrong, but in a fascinating way.


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