Reasons Why the Holocaust Should be Studied Essay

Reasons Why the Holocaust Should be Studied Essay

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There are many reasons why we study the holocaust. One of the reasons is that history repeats itself. We study history so that we can learn from our mistakes and make sure that they never happen again. Also, we can recognize similar patterns in world politics and step in when neccessary. We can prevent so many disasters just by studying the holocaust.

The German people had just come out of World War II, and were in the middle of a great depression. Many people were very poor. They were looking for someone to fix their economic situation and make their country powerful and secure again. Hitler and the Nazi party wanted to rise to power in Germany, so they gave the Germans someone to blame, and promised to solve the financial crisis.

Hitler and the Nazi party were anti-semetic, so they worked hard to convince people that the Jews were all to blame for their financial and other problems in Germany. They said that the Jewish people were wealthy while the German people were still struggling financially. The Nazis used German nationalism. They told the Germans that the Germans were a sep...

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