The Reasons Why Projects Fail Essay

The Reasons Why Projects Fail Essay

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Among the common reasons why projects fail, an important one is the fact that too many managers keep focusing on Level 1: Project management success - where the priority is to deliver and document the management’s efficiency and good performance but ignoring the real objectives, the stakeholder needs, the quality of the outcomes or the benefits.
In some other cases it is the total inability of some managers to relate to people that lead the project to a certain failure, by ignoring stakeholders and/or members of the team’s needs and expectations.
Also to be taken into consideration, are the result of reports from different sources (Gartner, Economist Intelligence Unit, KPMG, PWC, McKinsey Report, IBM) that reveals that many projects, no matter the effort and tools and skills, are destined to fail.
According to Driver (Driver, P. 2014) strategies are created at three broad levels: aspirational, guidance and operational strategies. The first and second ones can be easily accessed through the organisation’s knowledge management repository.
A brief investigation to try to find the action plan that should execute the organisation’s strategy lead me to a dead end. No evidences of the processes that will transform that vision into policies, procedures and actions is easily found. And, without understanding it as a whole, people struggle to accept it or even to understand it.
Investigating if the root cause to the problem is directly connected to a bad strategy or it’s bad execution would be a huge challenge at this point. Instead it would be better to focus on finding an alternative, a shorter path to start trying to make the difference, not to the Organisational Strategies but a small group of people, in a small...

... middle of paper ...

...e team toward more frequent successes and can help dropping resistance.
The owners of these small successes will feel strengthened and it will burst their confidence.
Think big and act small. The perfect candidates for the experiment are small projects that have a reduced number of deliverables and well defined scope. Without losing focus of the greater picture, by having the teams to buy-in and liaising with the Users to make sure that what is being produced will, from day one, from the moment it is handled it will deliver the values proposed and will allow them to create the benefits that are expected by the organisation.
Furthermore, this will be an opportunity to demonstrate that the IT can be turned into a division capable of running Projects that produce Results that can, effectively, allow Users to create Benefits instead of being a budget consumer.

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