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13 Reasons Why Essay

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I chose this book because reading the back reminded me of Amanda Todd. To me it seemed like the type of book you wouldn’t normally read. I didn’t know what to expect when I did start reading. Throughout reading the book the author kept sucking me in deeper and deeper into the story, almost like I was Hannah or Clay.
I would recommend this book to people thirteen and older. Even adults. I recommend this to them because I don’t think people younger would fully understand what is going on and being said in the book.
I liked, well I loved how the author made Hannah put the thirteen reasons why on cassette tapes. It was very thoughtful and it actually taught me a couple things about tapes.
I liked how all of Hannah’s reasons merged together. Like a puzzle, the fit together understandingly.
I liked, but then I didn’t like, how Hannah was Clay’s first love. I didn’t like it because it didn’t really seem like it, but then it did. You had to keep remembering she was Clay’s first love. I also liked it because in Clay’s tape it kept me wondering “Well why didn’t he do anything?”. Obviously he loved her and you could really tell through all his thoughts.
I liked how Hannah talked in the tapes. I could just tell how meaningful the tapes were. How her words just caught my attention and felt what she felt.
I disliked Marcus. I absolutely did not like him. He was so rude about the tapes. Obviously he does belong on them. He was a part of all the tapes. If he wasn’t on the tape, the tapes wouldn’t connect together. Hannah did not want an excuse to kill herself. He’s part of why she did it.
The setting is past and present. Past because Hannah’s tapes are being told from the past. They were made in the past too. Present because Clay is in pr...

... middle of paper ...

...r death but didn’t tell Hannah what she wanted to hear.
The plot is Clay Jensen comes home from school just to see a box on his porch. He opens is to find seven cassette tapes. On the tapes Hannah Baker speaks. Telling thirteen reasons why she decided to end her life.
Hannah was Clay’s first love who committed suicide two weeks before getting the tapes.
Throughout Hannah’s reasons Clay is worried what his is. He follows most of the places on the map from Hannah.
After listening for so long his tape is finally playing. He realizes his is different from everyone else’s. Hannah is actually apologizing. He spend one night listening to all the tapes.
The next day he mails the tapes to the person after his tape. When he gets to school he saw a girl, Skye. She had all the same actions Hannah did before she was gone. Clay learned from Hannah, so he reached out to Skye.

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