Essay about Reasons Why Cloning Should Exist

Essay about Reasons Why Cloning Should Exist

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The future is near stem cells are being created to reduce the risk of these cells dividing and becoming cancerous based on a new study. Cloning was believed to come from Herbert Webber but nobody is certain where cloning came from. There may be a chance where you may get cancer but the risk is worth taking. Researcher have finalized their new concept of clone development on December 17, 2013 in a video that show how they duplicate the chromosomes. This was conducted by Dr. Kostas Kostarelos of the University of Manchester in England. Kostarelos' new techniques makes stem cells called induced pluripotent stem (IPS) cells. The IPS are normal adult cells like
skin cells that have been converted into embryonic state. Scientist are constantly looking for a way to clone people. Cloning is now so easy that with a drop of blood you could clone a mouse. Imagine if the scientist perfected the formula everybody would want to be cloned but if don't think it would be so common because I would think that it would be very expensive and only wealthy people would be able to afford it.

Have you ever seen anybody who has looked liked you? With today's technology it's possible that you may be able to get a clone. Scientist have cloned a mouse just by using the blood there is another case in which stem cells could lower the risk of you getting cancer. The future is making new scientific discoveries which could change society. But with this power of this creation comes great responsibilities. For example when Scientists first learned how to make medicine people would use it irresponsibly now with cloning people have to be responsible and not make mistakes that will affect society.
First, this new theory about the stem cell being creat...

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...ilable you need to consider all of the factors and risk of making sure you make all the right decisions. There are many different ways your family reaction can be because this is a very hard decision. Taking this decision when you're older and you have kids can be very hard because you can't really risk the chance if they do clone you and get cancer. Also that is not something that you want your family going through.



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