Reasons Why Buying A Christmas Tree Essay examples

Reasons Why Buying A Christmas Tree Essay examples

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Every year at the end of November everyone can start to see the emergence of Christmas decorations. The Christmas decorations signal to the public that Christmas is near. And during this time there tends to be many discounts and promotions but out of all the sales hat are offering, there is one major purchase that everyone must face each year, and that is the Christmas tree. But purchasing a Christmas tree can harm the environment, can be high maintenance, and become a fire hazard, an artificial tree is a much better alternative.
The first reason why buying a Christmas tree is a bad idea, is that it is immensely bad for the environment. “When the trees are fully grown in 6 to 12 years, it is expected that the county will allow the public to participate in the harvesting of up to 1,000 trees a year.”(Callahan, 1987) Six to twelve years is equivalent to a grown child. Elizabeth Bettendorf a writer for The St. Petersburg times F.L. states that thirty million Christmas trees are sold each year (Bettendorf, 2006). That should be enough trees to grow a forest. But just to grow thirty...

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