Reasons to Visit Lisbon, Portugal Essay

Reasons to Visit Lisbon, Portugal Essay

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Lisbon, Portugal is an amazing vacation spot! Whether it’s the sandy white beaches, or the bright blue skies, Lisbon is one of the best vacation spots in Portugal. Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, has a rich Portuguese culture and history, so there is almost always somewhere to visit or something to eat to fill your senses and the food will top your experience and making Lisbon truly great. If you are bored, museums, clubs, historic sites and many more are at your fingertips to enjoy and visit. With so much to do and so much to see, Lisbon is truly one of the greatest cities in Portugal to visit, and a trip to Lisbon is surely a trip to remember!
Historical Overview
Lisbon was first founded 3000 years ago by ancient Phoenicians (Arabic, Middle Eastern decent) and was favoured for its warm, tropical temperature and beaches. (McDonald 132) Lisbon has been through many battles and take-overs, including being taken over by North African Moors and Christian Spaniards in 1147, which would prove to be Lisbon’s permanent guests. Lisbon later suffered one of the worst earthquakes in Europe in 1755, which killed a third of Lisbon’s population and displaced more. As a result of Lisbon’s many settlers, the ethnicities of Lisbon are mixed, but mainly Spanish and Portuguese. After joining the European Union in 1970, Portugal and Lisbon became much more economically stable. (McDonald 167)

Weather Patterns
Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Temp (°C) 28° 26° 22° 23° 25° 28° 30°
Weather Sunny Cloudy Cloudy Sunny Sunny Cloudy Cloudy
Humidity % 48% 57% 62% 61% 60% 52% 36%
Precipitation % 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 10% 5%

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...ey both are growing, metropolitan cities. One culture difference is language; in Canada, English and French is spoken; in Portugal, Portuguese is spoken. The main difference between the two is that Toronto is colder and less tropical that Lisbon, so Lisbon is a favourable vacation spot, while Toronto isn’t as much of a vacation place. (Even though it is still a decent vacation spot, in other aspects.) In all, both places are great cities with pros and cons, and it is great to have been to both of them!

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