Essay about Reasons to Adopt a Dog

Essay about Reasons to Adopt a Dog

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The purpose of this paper is to clearly illuminate all of the key reasons why I plan to adopt a dog and why I feel that dogs make the perfect pets over other popular and unusual pet choices. Furthermore I intend to express the diverse and unique roles that canines occupy in human history from tail wagging, comforting family companions to fellow warriors, and partners in arms, serving alongside their human handlers in military conflicts throughout history all around the world.
Essentially, I believe that dogs make the best people companions from among the animal world because they are almost always very loyal, helpful, happy and potentially highly obedient and will protect their owners bravely, no matter what the circumstances are. There is simply no way that my good friend, to whom this paper is partially addressed could ever be disappointed when he chooses to acquire a dog. A Dog will make a great greeter to guests to your home, and there is an extra added social component to owning a dog, especially a “cute” dog: cute dogs attract women. For you, my friend, whose social skills could use some colorful reinforcement, an attractive supper friendly dog might bring you the same in the form of a woman. A dog is just the right ticket for you!
Dogs are comfortable pets to have around. Physically comfortable. Though a lot of guys hate to admit it, probably because of the lack of machismo in doing so, but cuddling up with a warm dog at night is something a lot of guys like, even look forward to on the couch in front of a good movie or TV show. There isn’t any struggling over the remote or incessant complaints about not understanding “why you like this stuff” from a human companion in regard to the quality of the programming content. S...

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...he propensity to judge their human pack mates, regardless of the apparent inaptitude of certain people the dog finds itself having to live with. This alone can be considered one of the most persuasive reasons to adopt a dog. These creatures love their owners nearly unconditionally, which is more than can be said of the interactions between many, many, humans. Dogs also help bring people together through their shared interests in dog, in fact many long term romantic relationships between humans started through this kind of mutual love for dog. This is why dogs rule; bar none. Buy a dog. It’s never a bad decision.
Collectively, these are the reasons that I endorse dog adoption over other choices, and why they make the very best of pets. Humans will never find a friendlier, more unconditionally supportive, loyal and trusting pet than “Man’s Best Friend” the canine.

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