Reasons For Vote For Right Wing Parties Essay

Reasons For Vote For Right Wing Parties Essay

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The Reasons of tendency to vote for right-wing parties in West. How it could be harmful?
There are groups of people in most of the European countries and the USA who have voted or tend to vote for far right populist parties. These right-wing parties in a growing number of European countries have made electoral gains (Fig. 1). One example is “Alternative for Germany”, a right-wing populist political party (Decker, p. 34-39), which won 10 out of 16 German state parliaments in September 2016 (Nienaber). Also, the U.S. president-elect, Donald J. Trump, a businessman with no previous experience in politics, surprisingly won the U.S. presidential election. Unlike all of the polls and predictions, he easily gained more than enough electoral college and beat his Democrat opponent, Hillary Clinton. According to the political experts’ opinions, economic issues, terrorist attacks, and migrant crisis play a profound role in the tendency to vote for those parties. However, voting for right-wing populist parties can be both harmful and unacceptable as the matter of moral ethics. “populism effects on the quality of democracy. Populism can use the notion and praxis of majority rule to circumvent and ignore minority rights” (Mudde and Rovira Kaltwasser, 21).
Economic Reasons
Undoubtedly, the economy has one of the most important roles in our daily lives. According to economic voting theory, voters will reward the government which has established and maintained a good economy, while on the other hand, people will punish the government which has established a sluggish economy by supporting the opposition (qtd. in Vasilopoulos, 2). Western countries are sti...

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...g in favor of marriage equality (Raynolds). However, this is not just unique to politicians. “Sometimes people are so hateful and their logic is so twisted and flawed that their words speak for themselves. The extreme right wing’s reaction to the possibility that the United States may finally recognize marriage equality is a textbook example” (Gottesdiener).
It is the trivial rights of voters that they want to enjoy being the citizens of the most powerful countries in the world or the largest economies in the world. People want to feel all of those “titles” in their daily lives, not only in the newspapers’ articles. They want to enjoy the fruit of the economy the hugest GDP across the world. However, they must decide wisely. Populism can have inevitably social and economic effects.

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