Reasons For Union County College As The Great Part Of This College Essay

Reasons For Union County College As The Great Part Of This College Essay

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There are many students who come to Union County College as the great part of this college is that there are many people with such diverse personalities. The more you talk to your classmates, the better you get to understand what kind of personality they have. Are they social or are they shy? Do they enjoy sports or do they prefer to do something else in their free time? One of the students who was selected to take part in the interview was Jabril Pray. He is 19 years old and his major is Sociology. Why Sociology? Well, Jabril likes to learn about society itself. He wants to learn how people in a community think as well as know about current events that are happening in this world.
Jabril was rather calm during the interview as he had no problem answering all the questions I asked him. I asked him about coming to Union County College and why was it was his choice of education. In his own words, he replied, “Well, I came here because of my GPA (Grade Point Average), and I would like to transfer to a four-year college after I’m done.” It was also said that he will only be staying at the college for a year before transferring. He is thinking about playing a sport for the school,but he is unsure of what to play. He is interested in track and field as well as boxing.
Jabril drives a car to get to the college as a way of transportation. He has two cars but one of them is in the shop for repair. He loves to drive around his car but does not like spending money on gas. His favorite color is royal blue and sky blue, also his zodiac sign is Gemini, since he was born June 7, 1997.
When it comes to his favorite genre of music, he had a hard time answering it because he had so many genres to choose from. Eventually, he narrowed it down to...

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... new outlook on life and study hard to graduate out of college in order to find his career of choice. He is also trying to find a good job so he can live his life without worrying about bills or spending too much money on stuff. It is true that everyone’s personality varies depending on the person you are talking to. You may find out something new about them and end up having the same interests as them. It was a pleasure being able to interview him during this little project and get to know something new about him. During this project, he was happy to answer my questions as he chose me to be his partner to interview. I was glad that I found someone to work with instead of ending up being the last one to find a partner. It was a privilege to work on this project on this and it’s great that we both found out something new about each other during this interview process.

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