The Reasons For The Bolshevik Revolution Essay

The Reasons For The Bolshevik Revolution Essay

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In the year of 1917 there were many things that were going awry Britain was in a state of starvation because of food by submarines that were also destroying Britain’s ships. The French army decided to organize a conflict on the western front, their plan failed and this caused many revolts within the French army. The Russians were also facing revolts and collapse much like the French army. Later in the fall both Austria and Germany organized assault on Italy. During this same time the BOLSHEVIK Revolution was being led by Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky felled the constitutional Kerensky regime in Russia. The BOLSHEVIK regime launched an insurrection on November 6, 1917 their regime was met with little to no resistance.
BOLSHEVIK regime “seized transportation and communication and soon reestablished the ancient city of Moscow as the capital” (164). This is an example of how strong the BOLSHEVIK regime truly was. The perspicacious Lenin tried to convince his followers to forsake their opinion on the incremental progress in relation of communism trough a series of political and economic platforms. The communist party wanted to expand their mayhem of the czar’s war and once they are able to gain power they planned to have Russia become a communist rather than a feudalism society. Lenin utilized the grievances of the commoners and assured them that they would finally receive what they wanted the most, which was an end to war and economic, social justice. The main focus during this time is proletariat group, which were the main group that created industrial society and how their needs will triumph against dictatorship.
The large Eurasian empire of the czars became the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), which was formed fr...

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...silence in the room from the Allied governments because the speech was historic. President Wilson wanted to arouse a sense of excitement within their people to put force upon their governments to end the war. This is where America and Russia ran into some problems, “ the incipient, century-long conflict between the United States and Communist Russia, two philosophies, two economies” (167). One end was the democratic free market and the FOURTEEN POINTS and the other end was the ubiquitous socialism through the dictatorship of the working class. Marx and Engels’s left a stamp on the world and their COMMUNIST MANIFESTO of 1848. Their COMMUNIST MANIFESTO was used and practiced by the BOLSHEVIKS in such a way that it came at a revelation that both U.S and Russian leaders began to think that they were involved in some sort of race for the “future of the human race” (167).

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