Reasons For Substance Use Among Adolescents With Bipolar Disorder Essay

Reasons For Substance Use Among Adolescents With Bipolar Disorder Essay

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The first article in my review is the “Reasons for Substance Use among Adolescents with Bipolar Disorder” in the American Journal on Additions (Lorberg, B., Wilens T., Martelon, M., Wong P., Parcell, T., 2010). The case study participants are being measured for what reasons that the adolescents were starting to consume or to self medicate. The study researched a variety of scenarios that typical adolescents would be more inclined to engage in the use of substance abuse.
The article addresses adolescent’s reasons for initiating the use of substance such as cigarettes, marijuana and alcohol use. The reasons for adolescents can be a factor when addressing how to retreat an adolescent that has become alcoholic or has a smoking problem. These discoveries can help reveal maybe some of the underlying problem situations that are the real problem with the adolescent client. The studying can help us to determine if adolescents that suffer with bi-polar symptoms are looking for a way to self-medicate the lack of sleep and to be able to regulate or control their mood. As a counselor, we want to stay informed about the link that maybe the trigger for the repetition of miss use of a substance.
In this, articles findings stated they find some adolescent with bi-polar disorders are using substances of various kinds as a form of self-medication. We know that not all possible factors are address to eliminate what is key trigger for adolescents it does shed some light that there is a connection to subject with bi-polar and substance abuse. It would be good to document our findings as we work with adolescents to help them distinguish their triggers whether or not if they are linked, and if they are trying to self-medicate themselves of some of th...

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...tudy. Is quite evident the Indian tribes are battling issues of addictions; addictive personalities with the use of drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, opioids, amphetamines, and alcohol. How extensive are the connections to cultural or sociology is issue that could be a future case study on this culture.

In the fifth article is Prevalence and clinical correlates of alcohol use disorders among bipolar disorder patients: Results from the Brazilian bipolar research network (Nery, F. G., Miranda-Scippa, A., Nery-Fernandes, F., Kapczinski, F., & Lafer, B., 2014). The study made the correlation that individuals that have had family members that had substance abuse disorder and bipolar they are more susceptible to having the same diagnoses. This Brazilian journal case study, which consisting of a substantial amount higher amount of woman as the participants in the study.

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