Reasons For Staying A College Education Essay

Reasons For Staying A College Education Essay

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Everyone has their own reasons for wanting a college education. Popular reasons for attending college include being able to obtain a better paying job, increase future earning potential, gain training for a specific career, and learning more about a specific topic of interest. Rampell, C. (2015) My reasons are more personal than either of the reasons listed. I do not wish to miss out on significant opportunities that have the potential to enrich my life and future. If there is anything in my life that I would regret it would be not pursuing my college education. As we get older life happens and the list of things we wish we could have done gets longer. Knowing that it is never too late to accomplish my goals is strong motivation to shorten the list of should haves. Obtaining a college education is important to me because I will have a strong sense of accomplishment for setting a goal that is important to me and seeing it through to the end. I also enjoy challenges and feel inspired by the endless possibilities for my future.
Regret is a powerful word and an even bigger motivator...

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