Reasons For Seeking A Career For The Accounting Profession Essay

Reasons For Seeking A Career For The Accounting Profession Essay

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For those who have spent any time in the accounting world, there is one common experience we all share. No, it is not the hours spent traversing through or the time drudging through the FASB codification; It is not the chuckles we get when we share accounting puns or the long hours we spend together on the front lines of public accounting busy season or industry accounting close outs. It’s the look; the look that we see on the faces of people who try to comprehend why anyone, in the right mind, would want to study accounting. It’s the feeling; the feeling you get when you hear “oh, you must be good at math,” “I hear accountants are boring,” or my personal favorite, “can you do my taxes for me?” As a student of accounting I’ve seen this look and heard these remarks enough times to hone in on my reasons for seeking a career in the accounting profession. There are many paths for someone in accounting, as I am working on forging my own, my next step is graduate school in pursuit the Master of Accountancy Degree at UTSA.
My resolve for studying accounting has developed as I’ve grown academically and my exposure to the world as widened. It started with simply having a passion for business. To me, accounting was the most intimate way to get to know the components which made up a business. It is one thing qualitatively understand a business, but a quantitative, monetary, and financial backdrop gives so much more information than can otherwise be derived. As I began to work part-time accounting positions, take accounting courses, and become involved in accounting organizations in the San Antonio community, my personal understanding of accounting deepened.
While at UTSA I have become heavily involved with the Association of Latino Profess...

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...come a CPA. The Master of Accountancy Program at UTSA would help me to achieve the academic background that is required to sit for the CPA Exam. I seek to expand my knowledge of accounting principles, issues, topics, and applications with the intentions of using what I learn to be successful when taking the exam.
At the conclusion of my audit internship, I was offered a full-time position at BDO upon finishing my master’s degree. Coming out of the internship experience I am more focused on successfully completing my education than I have ever been. It has instilled into me the importance of graduate level courses in exam readiness and revived my passion for learning and absorbing concepts which have already proven to have real world applications. I believe I am a good fit for the UTSA Master of Accountancy Program and hope to be admitted, starting classes this fall.

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