Reasons For Not Using Evidence Based Management Procedures Essay examples

Reasons For Not Using Evidence Based Management Procedures Essay examples

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1. What are the possible reasons for not using evidence-based management procedures?
Chapter 1 gives us some reasons for why teachers aren’t using evidence-based management procedures in their classrooms. To begin, some pre-service teachers aren’t trained well in methods for behavior management. Often times, very few classroom management courses are offered, leaving new teachers feeling a little unprepared for what it is actually like in the “real” classroom. Second, teachers aren’t really taught how to analyze the research of behavior management approaches. Sometimes it is just assumed that the new, popular approaches are always the best; that definitely isn’t the case. Third, there isn’t one united theory of behavior management. This may result in teachers feeling clueless as to what is causing the particular behavior and how to help cope with it. Fourth, schools don’t often have one main approach to behavior management, which may make things more difficult for the teacher as students become confused because it differs so greatly from one room to the next. Fifth, over the years, many have assumed behavior management to be reactive instead of proactive. It is often addressed and dealt with after negative things happen rather than working to prevent them, and this causes some issues.

5. What are the weaknesses of each of the models described in this chapter?
When looking at the behavior management models discussed in this chapter, it is clear that each of them has a few weaknesses; no model is perfect.
-- The assertive discipline model fails to use an operational definition of punishment, and there is an inadequate amount of research to prove that this approach is effective. Also, it places a fairly heavy reliance on threats a...

... middle of paper ...

...est in helping the students manage their behaviors appropriately.

10. What does the right to effective behavioral treatment mean?
The “right to effective behavioral treatment” is a set of guidelines considered when a behavior program is designed and implemented. They protect individuals from harm as a result of the lack or inappropriate use of behavioral treatment. These six guidelines ensure that individuals are given a therapeutic physical and social environment, services that work toward the goal of personal welfare, treatment by a certified behavior analyst, programs that teach functional skills, behavioral assessment and ongoing evaluation, and the most effective treatment procedures available. By following these guidelines, we can be sure that all individuals who receive behavioral treatment are entitled to and given the same rights, opportunities, and care.

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