Reasons For Leadership Development And Leadership Training Essay

Reasons For Leadership Development And Leadership Training Essay

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Perhaps a better question to ask would be something along the lines of why do businesses that fail do so? The short answer it because of two major problems:
1). Failure to plan (which could be a variety of things)
2). A faulty plan (which once again could be a variety of reasons)
Times are indeed difficult and many businesses are stressed to their maximum when it comes to budget restraints. Resources are being stretched and personnel are asked to do more with less. However, this is the very reason why leadership development & leadership training is so vitally important. Money, resources, and time spent on proper leadership development will be money well spent.
Understanding of Great Leaders
For all practical purposes great leaders come to realize that if they have great visions it will take an equally great group of people to capture and bring those visions to life. So, here is what the great leaders have come to term with:
~ All leaders need help~
The fact that as a leader one need helps is not a weakness it is actually a sign of maturity. Think if someone were to want to erect some enormous monument and it was only them to do all the work of planning, plotting, scheduling etc. It would take years to complete and would still be incomplete in the sense that it is impossible to know everything about everything. Needing help and knowing how to use it speaks of the ability of the leader. For it has been said, that anyone can lead them self to success, but what about leading others to success. Leaders must understand what needing help means and what it means to the future or their prospective organization. This is where allotting for resources, time and especially money comes into play. A wise philosopher...

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... conducting business. They use catch idioms, niceties, and to do lists which does not address behavior at all. To curve behavior requires development and leadership influences the way the organization operates. A successful leadership developmental program will do what leadership training alone, and other programs lack which is to shape and correct behavior within the organization. This is the thing which allow leaders to lead, meet, and exceed organizational goals and objectives. We have time proven methods that will allow any organization to tap into the organization’s unlimited potential. Not everyone possesses the foresight to spend time, money and resources on leadership development, but those who do have found the value in it – as we do.
No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself, or to get all the credit for doing it.- Andrew Carnegie

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