Reasons For Eliminating World Hunger Essay

Reasons For Eliminating World Hunger Essay

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Many philosophers and individuals have argued that we are obligated to try to eliminate world hunger. But often these philosophers and individuals provide different reasons as to why we are obligated to reduce world hunger. On the one hand we have individuals like Peter Singer who take the utilitarian point of view. Utilitarianism argues that our actions should increase the overall happiness in the world. On the other hand we have people like Onora O’Neill who sides with the Kantian point of view. The Kantian point of view argues that we should eliminate world hunger because the nature of this act is good, hence it makes it right. Although, both sides arrive at the same conclusion, that doesn’t mean that we should accept that both ways of thinking about this matter are right. It’s important to distinguish the difference between these two types of thinking, therefore I will first begin by examining both sides’ arguments for eliminating world hunger, then I will demonstrate that it’s imperative to deal with this matter for the right reason, then I will explain why Utilitarianism ethics don’t work when it comes to alleviating world hunger, and finally I will explain why it makes perfect sense to use Kantians ethics for dealing with world hunger.
Before I begin exploring the utilitarian solution for alleviating world hunger, it must be acknowledged that a large portion of people who use the utilitarian way of thinking about this issue don’t necessary arrive at the conclusion that we should alleviate world hunger. But another very large portion of individuals like Peter Singer who also use the utilitarian way of thinking arrive at the conclusion that we should alleviate world hunger because it would increase the aggregate happiness in...

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...chain of events. Singer will probably argue that although a chain of events can be created, most of those events can be either positive or negative. He will argue that if majority of the events were good and few were bad then clearly our decision to help alleviate world hunger would be successful. And this is a fair point to make, and yes if this is the case that would mean that our action created more good than bad. However, we still wouldn’t know if this action promoted the greatest good for the greatest number. Because they were other options on the table. Another action could’ve perhaps created even more good. But we can never know because we can’t know for certain what the result of that action would’ve been. So the problem still remains that if we used utilitarian way of thinking about helping alleviate world hunger, we’ll never know if our action was correct.

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