Reasons For Choosing A Person 's Expression Of Individuality Essay

Reasons For Choosing A Person 's Expression Of Individuality Essay

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There are many reasons for wanting to control another person’s expression of individuality. Controlling other person means imposing our view of the world, the way we do thing, and how we feel about them. Some of those reasons can be good and others can be bad. There are individual who takes advantage of a close and loving relationship to meet their our needs, without caring at all the feelings of the other person. Controlling others can also be abused and can cause serious damage or can terminate a relationship before getting what he/she wants. On the other hand, controlling can be seen as how to convince others to agree with your point of view. Therefore, with the right methods, we can change the attitudes of people, without losing their respect or friendship.

I was raised in a society in which every aspect of your life is already chosen for your since the moment you are born. Growing up in a third world country means a life of oppression by already established stereotypes. The loop of poverty created a difficult access to resources in order meet the basic needs of the Guatemalan population, such as food, housing, education, health-care, and drinkable water. At one point, we all thought that being rich is the greatest thing that could happen to us. A friend of mine once said “"I 'm quite sure that money brings happiness, a child who has no food to survive is not happy." Hearing this; however, although it is true that it helps get many things, I do not believe that money has the power to bring happiness. Poverty creates a set of social, cultural and ethical attitudes, values, beliefs, ideals, and finally it perpetuates itself over time. This has impacted and influenced me over time throughout my life as an individual represente...

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...being rejected by your our family, something that my sister would not being able to bear. I have never rejected the price that I paid in our to live a happy life. I came to value my solitude because it gave me the opportunity to develop true relationship with others; however, this do not apply to everybody. Therefore, I do believe that my experiences support Mill and Plato point of view, as humans we do have a hard time listening to claims about human well-being that differ from our own. If we are not able to control this impulse we can restrict the fredoom of others and the views that they hold about well-being. I let go of that desire to control the life of my sister because I realize that I will do more harm than good. This has allow me to be part of he life and keep caring for her; even though, I do not think that her way of living is the most adecuate for her.

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