Reasons For Choosing A Career Essay

Reasons For Choosing A Career Essay

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Why to pick a Major in Accounting

The reason I decided to pursue a career in accounting is because I have always been interested in the business world and accounting is considered a basic tool of business. I have worked for small and large business firms; also in private and public sectors which helped me develop a strong linking with the industry as a whole and solidified my interest in accounting.
Pursuing the degree in accounting would definitely open up the doors for me. It can prepare me for advancement and give me the foundations to become a CPA, to pursue a career in finance or corporate management, to work in government, or become an entrepreneur. As a matter of fact, no matter what I decide to do, having an accounting background provides me with the skills in demand for this complex business environment.
Having a strong liking into the world of business, I am still undecided in the area that I would like to focus on. Accounting offers a variety of job opportunities in three major areas: public accounting, private accounting, and government and not-for profit accounting. Public accountants perform a range of accounting tasks such as auditing, tax, and consulting services. Private accountants, on the other hand are trained in the processing of a variety of accounting transactions, such as accounts payable and billings. Management accountants also help organizations plan the cost of doing business.
The career path of a public accountant will either advance working as an auditor or they will work in tax accounting. For private accountants can become controllers or chief financial officers. CFOs are responsible for all internal accounting functions as well as treasury, risk management and investor relations.
Governmental and...

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... advantages and disadvantages. Public accountants have greater variety of exposure in working with different clients and industries; also, advancement opportunities may become sooner. On the other hand, private accountants can reach management levels without a CPA license and advancement opportunities may not come as quickly. This overview presented me a better idea of where a degree in accounting could take me. Knowing that I have a variety of opportunities and room for growth give me the confidence I need to Pursuing the degree would definitely open up the doors for me. Similarly, knowing that I have a detail oriented personality is a perfect fit for the world of accounting; I feel confident that my analytical, math and communication skills will help me to become a trustworthy and reliable accountant who help people to become more efficient with their businesses.

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