The Reasons For Becoming Meat Free Essay examples

The Reasons For Becoming Meat Free Essay examples

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My poor friend, Pamela. I watched her from the other side of the table, picking at a piece of bread that was her dinner. We were camp counselors for the week, and our campers had a chili cook off. Unfortunately for Pamela, every group put hamburger into their pot and there were no meat free options. Pamela has been a vegetarian for about four years now. She cut meat from her diet due to ethical reasons originally, but now eating any form of meat makes her stomach hurt. This is fairly common and according to Christine Knight, who wrote the vegetarian section in the SAGE Encyclopedia, the reasons for becoming meat free could be because of animal rights, health issues, environmental protection, taste aversion, and/or religious views. With so many reasons to become a vegetarian, does making this lifestyle change in fact change the world? I wanted to believe that it doesn’t, that I can eat as many burgers as I want and there won’t be any consequences. With hours of research I found this wasn’t the case; giving up meat helps a person personally and helps the world they live in.
Personally, I don’t think I could give up ham and chicken. My question is though, am I hurting the environment for this choice? I considered the two sides before diving into the databases. Vegetarians do not eat meat, so my conclusion was that maybe they would eat more processed foods to consume enough calories in one day. More processed foods means more waste and pollution from the factories. I scratched that idea since most vegetarians eat very healthy so processed foods didn’t make much sense. I came up with another approach: Homo Sapiens and our ancestors before that have always been omnivores and the food chain has been working around that fact for millions...

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...ery challenging, but there is always the option of being flexitarian, participating in Meatless Mondays, and choosing to only eat select forms of meat that can help the environment one meal at a time. Every person has their own views; as for me, I don’t think I could ever give up chicken wings. Being an Animal Science major, I am taught ethical ways to treat production animals. Every farmer I have met loves their animals more than themselves and would never cause them any pain. Some large corporations can be known to inflict pain, but today there are tools and explanations to help ease an animal rights activist. Whatever someone chooses to do, just keep in mind the health benefits and the morals that comes with the vegetarian lifestyle. Poet Peter Veireck once explained how important our environment should be to us in his poem “To a Vegetarian Living as Pure Spirit”:

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