Essay on Reasons For Becoming A Teacher

Essay on Reasons For Becoming A Teacher

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One of the biggest influences on the youth in society today are teachers, adults that students are in everyday contact with. Teachers are needed to instruct youth and students to be quality citizens in the community and to teach students values, morals and to educate the youth on how to become better people as well as helping adolescents grow into adulthood. A respectable goal for someone becoming a teacher is be devoted to the profession, take schooling seriously, and sincerely care for the students. There are many steps one must take in order to become a teacher including fulfilling general and college requirements, truly knowing what it takes to be a high school English teacher, and what each state requirements and job descriptions consist of.
Steps to becoming a Language Arts or English teacher in a high school seem simple. A person interested in going into the high school or secondary education field as a career must complete a few very important steps on the way to their dream job, such as: graduating high school; going to a four year college and attaining a bachelor’s degree in a certain subject (i.e. English) with a minor (in Secondary Education); passing a state licensure and certification exam; and getting a teaching job a local high school.
A specific track one could take in order to become a high school English teacher are as follows: getting admitted into a college that has an education program that is one of the major study programs on campus, such as Corban University, which is ranked “Top thirty Great
Small Colleges for a Teaching Degree in 2015,” (University). After getting admitted into Corban University, one would have to start taking classes in Language Arts Education in order to attain a Bachelor of Science...

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...tudents. Teachers prepare the younger generation to become positive figures in the community as well as preparing teenagers for life and reality outside of school. An instructor must care for the students in a way that helps the students to do well in school to prepare for the youth a better and brighter future as well as helping the students be mentally and emotionally healthy. Becoming a teacher might seem simple, and in some ways it is, but there is a series of obstacles each person aspiring for a career in the education field must overcome. Steps to becoming a Language Arts teacher include: graduating a four- year college and acquiring a bachelor’s degree in Language Arts Secondary Education, fulfilling an individual set of college requirements, having the knowledge of what being an educator really consists of, as well as the state requirements for the profession.

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