The Reason to Study Mathematics Essay

The Reason to Study Mathematics Essay

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From a very young age, I was intrigued as to how everything around me worked. From what makes Vehicles move to how images appear on a screen. It wasn't until I began to learn Physics in school, that I was given a more detailed understanding of how all the instrumental parts come together, to create a piece of machinery as simple as a Light Switch. It is one of those objects we use every single day, however it is unlikely that the average person gives much thought to what is behind the wall, what it is that makes the Light Switch work so effortlessly. It is what is behind the wall that I was always fascinated by. Whenever I found myself struggling with a particular topic, I always found it easier to understand if I knew how it is used in everyday life, how it shapes our world or what the benefits are to its understanding. It occurred to me that I really enjoyed problem solving, having a challenging task and having the determination to overcome it. This is probably the main reason I decided to study Mathematics further than GCSE. I currently study Biology, Mathematics and Physics at A2...

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