The Reason The Nazi Holocaust Essay

The Reason The Nazi Holocaust Essay

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The reason the Nazi holocaust was so very successful, actually eliminating two-thirds of the European Jewish population, was due to several contributing factors. One of the most important factors at play in the successful extermination of so many Jews was the actual history of the Jewish community spread throughout Europe.
The Jews have practically always been persecuted ever since they dispersed from biblical Israel throughout the countries of Europe. Much of Europe’s religious base has been Catholic throughout the years since the days that the Roman Empire conquered most of Europe, hence the term, “all roads lead to Rome”. The spread of Catholicism instilled the story of Christ to the people and many people held/hold Jewish people responsible for the murder of Christ. This is one of the beginning reasons people have held anti-Semitic views for so many years in Europe. Expounding upon this fear came in the Middle Ages the idea of Jewish Blood Libel. This Blood Libel was described as a ceremonial act that tended to coincide with Jewish holidays and was when the Jews would select (kidnap) and kill a Christian child for ritual purposes. This fear of Jews killing their children as they knew them to have killed Christ only further fueled the anti-Semitism.
Though the prominent thought of Ghettos comes from Hitler’s heyday, Ghettos have existed for hundreds of years prior to Hitler even being born. All throughout Europe for years Jews had been regulated to Ghettos and other Jewish settlements, usually set upon the most undesirable areas that no other Europeans would have wanted (much in the way the Native Americans were treated). The anti-Semitic thoughts grew as the years passed fueled not only by those thoughts of Christ death and B...

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...e objections or generate enough fear to avoid objections altogether as a way of self-protection of one and one’s family, even if they didn’t agree with Hitler’s policies towards the Jewish communities. The only way that many were able to do anything about it was in the same manner many people had helped the slaves prior to the Emancipation proclamation when the Underground Railroad existed to help them escape. These citizens that disagreed knew they could do little but keep themselves out of the spotlight and try to help as many as possible escape or survive. Those people now recognized as The Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ to date make up a recognized group of 24,356 persons. These people were the good people that didn’t believe in the extermination of Jews and did whatever they could within the limits of their abilities to help those persecuted survive and escape.

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