Essay on Reason for Going to War Against Great Britain.

Essay on Reason for Going to War Against Great Britain.

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“The [ American ] Revolution...was in the minds and hearts of the people. This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments and affections...was the real American Revolution”- John Adams,1818. This quote symbolizes the reasons, and importance for the Colonists wanting freedom.Great Britain had left the Colonists to govern themselves till the 1760s.The Colonists developed different lifestyles than Britain. They had different perceptions of how a government should rule their citizens. They did not want to be controlled at Britain's behest. Unreasonable laws, and taxes were why the Colonists went war.
Unreasonable laws were the reasons for going to war.After French and Indian War,the treaties of Paris and Hubertusburg in February 1763 were created. The treaties gave England new land from France. The Proclamation of 1763 prevented the Colonists from establishing settlements on land west of the Appalachian Mountains, because the land was pronounced Indian territory. Any colonist living in those territories had to return east of the Appalachian Mountains. This new land would have opened new doors for more economic opportunities. Also, Parliament issued the Quartering Act, which made the Colonist quarter British soldiers. British soldiers could come unexpected in Colonist homes, eat their food, stay in their homes for as long as they wanted, and the Colonist could not refuse. The Colonists did not see a reason for this, because the French and Indian War was over. They did not want to be under Parliamentary Sovereignty, because The Colonists felt like their lives were being dictated.
Taxes were another reason the Colonists wanted to separate from Great Britain. In 1764, the Plantation Act, also known as the Sugar Act, was iss...

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...h soldiers were prosecuted and put on trial. Only two soldiers were found guilty of manslaughter. The Sons of Liberty used this event to make the Colonists understand that they needed to secede from Great Britain.
In conclusion, the Colonists went to war against the British, so they could be free. They went to war to escape the suffocating bureaucracy of Britain. They had their own views of democracy that did not include a monarch and wanted to govern themselves with their own principles.

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the qoute came from -
The revolutionary war by Josh Gregory

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