Reaping the Benefits, Now and Later Essay

Reaping the Benefits, Now and Later Essay

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Transition can be cruel. Post 9/11 era veterans are finding the transition into the civilian world to be a difficult due to a lack of education. Though many have the experience, skills and knowledge needed to work in corporate America’s finest institutions, a small number of soldiers put forth the effort to obtain a degree. In the civilian world, a degree frequently sets apart one potential employee from the others. In a LA Times article the writer pens, “many lack the degrees that employers are seeking” (Semuels 2011). In order to be a little more persuasive, the author states, that as of June 2011, “the jobless rate for veterans who served at any time after September of 2001 was at 13.3%” (Semuels 2011). My decision to enroll in Western Governors University (WGU) stems from a trepidation of the becoming a member of the under employed veteran community, an existence which demands an increase in my current earnings and a career that
My voracious appetite for success versus a market where employers hold all the cards has had a great influence on my decision. I have had multiple opportunities to prepare for my future, however, like many soldiers; my frivolous use of time has placed me in a position where I have to act rapidly. While wondering what steps I could take to thwart a personal fiscal collapse, I observed Governor Mitch Daniels in a television ad, pitching WGU. Out of interest, I went to the WGU Indiana web page to get more details. There, in a video, Governor Mitch Daniels stated “I could attend college online, on my own schedule, and at a cost that I could afford” (, 2012). At this point, I was beginning ponder the thought of an all online degree but I was still skeptical.
There were other fa...

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...ts. I can work from a computer lab in Afghanistan or from a smart phone at a local park if considered necessary. WGU has also allowed me to harvest the benefits that I have earned as a soldier. Most importantly WGU is spring-board to a successful career when I turn in my gear. Remember, a veteran is not guaranteed a great job solely based upon his service to the country. Nevertheless, if you are in a state of affairs similar to mine, enroll in WGU, finish your degree plan and enjoy the benefits now and in the future.

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