The Realtionship of a Father and Son in Homer’s Odyssey Essay

The Realtionship of a Father and Son in Homer’s Odyssey Essay

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With time come change, change in the human experience. That fact applies no differently to literature, specifically reflected through reading ancient prose with a modern lens. A relevant example is the relationship of a father and son in Homer’s Odyssey. Through characterization on the surface, this significant relationship appears quite distinct in contrast to such relationships today. However, these quite humane and sentimental relationships are no different than those experienced today—those of a father and son. Quite frankly, what is true of humans in the ancient world is true to humans today, ability to feel such potent emotion, to experience such a significant relationship yields the human need of affection and connection, as reflected with the relationship of the father and the son.
When Odysseus reveals himself to his son, Telemachus in book sixteen, the reaction of both characters is extremely humane. This monumental acquaintance is a time of sentiment and emotion for both characters; the foundation a relationship of a father and a son. Both characters really get down on their knees for each other and despite his hubris with the rest of the community, Odysseus breaks down at the sight of his son, “throwing/his arms around this marvel of a father/Telemachus began to weep./ salt tears/rose from the wells of longing in both men,/and cries burst from both” (16, 253-257). Until this monumental point, the reader never sees this side of Odyssues, this emotional and truly down-to-earth side, which is compelled by the bonding of his son, the immediate depth one feels for the other. Being only acquainted to his father by distance, and, quite merely, hearsay, Telemachus feels connected to his dad, but now through his own eyes, he ...

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... Homer’s Odyssey. It is not only used as an allusion to portray the values of ancient Greece, but also plays a role in recognizing that despite there may not be many differences in today’s life, there is truly no discrepancies in the human experience, in the feeling of emotion. Specifically the strong emotion intertwined and frankly powering the relationship of father and son. Through their distance, Odysseus and Telemachus grow profound respect for each other and really become to honor each other. Once that distance is no longer, and the longing and hope of seeing each other is present, they are gifted with the power to fill that void, and to become personally acquainted. This is truly a gift, truly a gift they have, the ability to feel the significance of the relationship of father and son, which is no different than what is, on a delved level experienced today.

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