Realm of Wonders Union Essay examples

Realm of Wonders Union Essay examples

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Alison avoided Mrs. Foster as the day went on. She even thought about whether she wanted to go to her room after school, but knew if she didn’t, then she would be in further trouble.
“Meet you at the cenotaph,” Alison reminded Sarah when the final bell of the day arrived and the eruption of kids tumbled out of classrooms like sweets on a conveyor belt.
Sarah smiled wickedly at her friend and nodded her head with enthusiasm.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be there,” grinned Sarah.
“And no gory details,” Alison threatened whilst laughing. “Look at you, the last time I saw that look, was when Suzanne had that big cream cake for dinner the other day.”
Sarah gave her dirty laugh as she disappeared into the throng of students in the corridor, and Alison shook her head, smiling
She continued to walk to Mrs. Foster’s office, her face changing to dread; she really did not want to be here tonight. However, seeing Simon whose smile seemed to warm her inner thoughts, made her feel better.
“Ready?” Simon asked when Alison approached the door.
Alison nodded slowly.
Simon knocked the door and both walked into the room, when Mrs. Foster had ordered them to do so.
“Sit,” Mrs. Foster said firmly, as though demanding dogs to do party tricks for a treat.
They both sat down quickly, daring not to disagree with their trainer.
Alison looked at Mrs. Foster with extreme dislike. She did try hard not to do so, but the emotions inside her were so strong she couldn’t help herself.
“Before we begin training, I was given some very discerning news.”
She looked at the two children with obvious annoyance in her eyes. “You went unsupervised through a portal at 12.03am,” Mrs. Foster stated and looked at Alison. “Did you not know that we’d find out about this?” she as...

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...self coming to harm, unlike Simon, who had a feeling of dread inside him. She could see he was not happy, that he thought what she was doing was wrong, She needed to be with Amir, support him in his battle. She too wanted the queen dead, and she wanted to make sure that he knew that she was on his side. The revenge for her father was all she thought of and no one but Amir would understand that.
“Alison, please you shouldn’t go, your life will be in danger, and if anything happens no one will know where you are. Please, let’s go home,” Simon begged.
“Simon I’m going, and no one is stopping me,” Alison said her voice sounding harsh.
“You’re not going on your own, I will come with you and if he tries to harm you, we get out of there. Do you understand?” Simon demanded.
Alison nodded.
She waited for Simon to walk towards her, and they both began to follow the shadow.

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Realm of Wonders Union Essay

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Realm of Wonders Union Essay examples

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