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Realm of Wonders Union Essay

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Alison felt sick. She could not believe that she had put herself forward by agreeing to take three people to Frinda. A place that if they got caught in, could mean trouble, not only from her mum, but also the queen, who did not wish nosey kids to probe her kingdom before going to war.
She got her clothes ready for the adventure and packed her backpack with a torch, food and a bottle of water, and lay on her bed grabbing the picture of Amir. She began staring at the handsome prince. She gazed at his eyes…she loved to do that lately. All she thought about was he, morning, noon and night, wishing that she could’ve known him and been his friend.
However, staring harder she seemed to go into a trance; everything around her became dark. It was the same feeling she’d had when she visited Simon’s body.
She could feel the air was cool, the warmth of her room was no longer around, and she now knew that she was going to see something that Amir wished to share. Something that he had kept hidden away, a secret that he was not allowed to tell, just like Simon.

The yellow sun was in a deep, blue sky, and she was sitting on a mound of grass in the palace grounds. She lifted her hands to her face, and realised that she was inside Amir’s own body, as the doublet of the boy stroked his face.
The sound of crying was close to her ears, as she heard the soft sobbing from the boy, who rocked back and forth, groaning to himself. Then with a deep breath of air, Amir stood up and began to walk from the back gardens of the palace. The walk seemed rushed, a panic in his breathing made Alison aware that something was not right.
They walked towards the side of the palace towards a fenced up area, and into a pebble courtyard, which housed eight grey stone ...

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... mimicked.
“I don’t think he’s the evil one,” Alison protested, her voice shaking with fright.
“I beg your pardon? How dare you say that! He’s killed thousands of innocent people and you have the audacity to say he’s not evil?”
“My dreams of him show him as a kind boy.”
“They’re dreams. They’re not real.”
“They’re not dreams mum. They’re real. It’s the queen who’s the evil one. I have seen what she has done, she has killed, just to—”
“You liar!” Carla shouted.
“It’s true. I’ve just been in Amir’s body. She mocked him, saying she would rule Frinda.”
“She would never say that. She never wanted to rule.”
“How do you know, Mum?”
“I do not need to explain myself to you!” Carla screamed as she stood up and walked towards the door.
“I don’t think you should help with this war, if you think that Amir is INNOCENT!” Carla growled, and stormed out the room, slamming the door.

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