Realm: A Fictional Narrative Essay

Realm: A Fictional Narrative Essay

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Alison had sat looking at the fire most of the night, the orange and red flames licking at her thoughts. She felt sorry for the younger Amir. How lost he looked, so innocent and so blameless. She knew that when Amir did speak of his true life, she knew he would be upset, and feel horrified as to how the young boy became an evil beast who destroyed lives without feeling any guilt for his actions.
Matthew had passed out for the night. He had taken to the strong cider with delight. The pure alcohol was as good as any that was bought in his local supermarket he exclaimed to Alison, as he began slurring his words and singing loudly every now and then, and making Alison shush him so as not to arouse suspicion to the animals who strolled by, looking at the strange pair with curiosity before walking away.
Alison kicked Matthew’s legs abruptly as soon as she heard the rustling of trees, and making him groan out in his sleep.
Matthew stirred and sat up gently, his hangover was quickly upon him. His eyes and head throbbing in pain and the regret of drinking too much in such a small time, was playing on his mind as he began to focus on the two princes’ who looked anything but happy as they stood staring at the two guests’ with woe.
“I have been told of the misfortunes of my real life,” the young Amir began, as he looked at Alison coldly. “My life that I know of is of lies; I am not the lucky person I felt I was. I have been betrayed by one person —myself. The years of me coming here to detach myself from the deaths that I have committed are not ones I will forget lightly. I feel as though you are all laughing at me. I wish my life here to end and that no one returns here. I must be set free from this time and let your lives be of truthfulnes...

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He turned to look at himself in the mirror that he hated looking in. Again he smiled. His eyes were as blue as the sky above, and his features had changed too. The scars had gone as Alison had said, leaving his skin smooth. His handsome features had returned.
Amir felt happy at seeing the change in him. He had not felt this happy for many years. However, the castle was not a place to celebrate and he knew that he could be in dire trouble when fellow noblemen found out about the spirit had left him.
He decided he wanted to see his father. He was not sure if his father would feel as joyful as he was feeling, when he suddenly turned up and begin talking as though he had never been away. He went to a wardrobe at the far end of the room and took out his black cloak and black, velvet, flat cap; he looked around the room, and smiled, before closing the door behind him.

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