Reality Television Star, Real Estate Mogul, Billionaire, And President Elect Of The United States

Reality Television Star, Real Estate Mogul, Billionaire, And President Elect Of The United States

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Americans have seldom been faced with problem of deciding between two candidates who are not only unfavorable to voters in the opposing party, but voters in their own as well. Donald Trump, the reality television star, real estate mogul, billionaire, and now president-elect of the United States was able to prove pollsters, political analysts, and quite possibly himself wrong. Countless theories have been conjured by political scientists to explain the Trump phenomena and how the egotistical, megalomaniacal, inexperienced Republican nominee was able to take the entire world by surprise. Amongst other things, two of the main causes of this result are the ethnocentric sentiments that have seen a dramatic increase in politics around the globe, and retrospective voting in areas that have the lowest approval ratings of the Obama presidency. Trump combined the two and campaigned on the idea that not only did the Obama administration ruin the economy, but immigrants and foreign countries are benefitting from the economic hardship Americans have had to endure. Ethnocentrism and retrospective voting, however, are not independent of one another and instead go hand-in-hand. Across the United States, the level of racial resentment and ethnocentrism a person holds decides how positively or negatively they view the current state of the American economy.
The Rust Belt states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, three states who have all voted Democrat for the last six elections, were flipped Republican in 2016. These states awarded Donald Trump the 46 electoral votes necessary for his victory. The Rust Belt states are seen as the center of America’s manufacturing industry whose economies received the worst end of the Great Recession in 20...

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... and resentment of Obama by white Americans distorted their view of his presidency. These voters believed themselves to be voting retrospectively, but instead constructed a false reality to fit their belief that white Americans should come first.
In its totality, there is no single cause to explain the rise of Donald Trump from a candidate who was not taken seriously by his own party, into the elected president of the United States. The Rust Belt states admired Trump’s unique combination of ethnocentrism and criticism of the Obama presidency that they see to be destructive in their states. The economy’s improvement over the last eight years has taken the back seat against the concern amongst white voters that they are losing the America they once loved to immigrants and minorities. Their problem is not that the economy is not working, it just is not working for them.

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