Essay about Reality Television On Our Lives

Essay about Reality Television On Our Lives

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Reality television has become nearly unavoidable and American society is more affected by reality television than they realize. Society can be shaped from reality TV in many ways like the way people act, and also the way people can perceive a problem. I never really could have thought just some of the stuff we watch on television like Big Brother, could be impacting us in any way. I always thought the reason people said reality television is bad for us was because we would get addicted and not want to leave the couch. I started to research reality television by looking up what could be the potential impact and I was shocked by the results that were good and bad. Coming from the article by John Perritano he says “Many say reality TV has put America through a cultural meat grinder by making stars of ordinary people who have little or no talent.” This general information was my only knowledge of the term before I began my exploration process. In exploring reality television my guiding question was this: what is the impact of reality television on our lives? In posing this certain question I want to find out if reality television is actually good or bad for us.
On my first initial search for information on how reality television impacts our lives I came upon an article by John Perritano “What is reality TV’s influence on culture?” I found this source when I typed in the search question “What is the effect of reality television on people?” John Perritano is an award-winning journalist, writer and editor. He holds a master’s degree in American history from Western Connecticut State University. In this article Perritano argues that reality television is good and bad in many ways. Perritano goes on to say that reality television is ba...

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... going with that TV plays a big role in our society nowadays. Jacobs believes that relationships in the United States are completely destroyed from reality television stars because of how much these people get divorced and married again. . Relationships in our society are just a joke since reality TV has taught we can just go on to the next person with no worries.
I have learned a lot from my research question it has shown me how much reality TV impacts our lives like our personal relationships and the way we act around others. I learned that we need to stop focusing what we see on television and taking it like it is law. Television is far from law, it is really just around for our entertainment and that is how we should see it in our society. If I continued to search on this my next question would be: How much has reality television already changed our world today?

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