Reality Television Has Lead The General Population Essay

Reality Television Has Lead The General Population Essay

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In today 's generation, millions of television shows have been created to entertain the general public. Whether it be cartoons, dramas, comedies, chick flicks, or reality t.v., I guarantee there is a show that each person enjoys watching. One particular genre appears to be the most viewed from a television screen, which is reality television. It is evident that the general population enjoys watching lives unfold and the various interactions between characters in reality television. For example, in Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the main characters in the family, (Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kris, Bruce (Caitlyn), Kylie, and Kendall) all fight like cats and dogs and stay angry at each other over something incredibly minute. The extent to which this show is dramatized is completely revolting. Furthermore, these chaotic lifestyles portrayed in reality television show lead the general population to believe this is the norm. The existence of reality television should be demolished due to the effects it causes viewers such as aggressive and dramatized behavior, vulgarity, stereotyping, and lying.

Lying in this world is nothing new, especially when it comes to television programs.

Sitcoms were popular in the past. Audiences knew the characters and storylines were fictional. In contrast, audiences believe that reality television is exactly what it is coined: reality. However, producers of reality t.v. shows use lying as a mechanism to seem more intriguing to the population that watches them. Having children buy into these lies can put a false impression on how their lives are supposed to be. For example, in the 1970 's there was a reality television show called The American Dream. The producer 's intention of the show was to prove tha...

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... nothing to the public except corrupt it. Bringing back the comedy, horror, and action shows that people all know to be fiction and love will have a much better impact on society as a whole. Having scripted television shows may cost more and take more effort, but at least nobody is given a false impression about reality. Fictional shows are safer to watch and give the public a better view of society because the only thing that is real about those shows are the people playing in them. The best part is, they can be just as funny or dramatic as reality television shows can be. The keyword in knowing not to believe anything from those shows is: fictional. Watching fictional shows rather than reality television shows could change the way people look at the world. Becoming more open-minded about this option can change the way future generations view television as a whole.

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