The Reality Of Youth Gang Activity Throughout Glasgow Essay example

The Reality Of Youth Gang Activity Throughout Glasgow Essay example

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Deuchar provided a clear informative view of the reality of youth gang activity throughout Glasgow by using testimony from a large variety of individuals, providing clear contextual and background information for a majority of the covered topics, arranging the information in an organized fashion.
As previously outlined, Deuchar’s research into Glasgow’s youth gangs provided a number of varied research subjects from a large array of different backgrounds. Deuchar introduces a group of 50 teenagers from different areas of Glasgow as part of his investigation. In his writing, he does not just focus on white Scottish-born teenage males, in fact, a considerable portion of his sample (n=13) were children who immigrated to Scotland as asylum seekers with their families and 11 individuals were female. For example, Nasir (male) and Ameera (female) both entered Scotland as asylum seekers, while Ally (female) and Baz (male) were born in Scotland. Deuchar points out in the introduction that this book mainly focuses on the lives of Scottish marginalized youth and by not focusing on just one fragment of the population, Deuchar’s findings are much more varied and representative of the targeted population.
Another strength of this book is the way in which the author provides clear contextual background information for some of the covered topics which increased the potential targeted audience. For example, during the discussion of sectarianism, it would have been very easy to skim over some of the more well-known details about the importance of football and its religious history in relation to youth street violence between supporters of different teams. Instead, Deuchar briefly describes the history of the Rangers FC (Protestant identity) and th...

... middle of paper ...

...ilure to expand on this topic restricts the reality of what the author is trying to study and does not strengthen his contribution to his chosen area of study. The book also fails to go into great depth on the concept of social capital and how the introduced programs work to promote it. Only 3 of the 10 chapters discus social capital, and of those 3 the last one is more of a conclusion for the entire book rather than part of the discussion. The remaining 2 chapters focus on re-building social capital in school, and how sport involvement and mentoring build social capital. For such a major part of the book, social capital fails to receive an adequate amount of attention. In fact, it can be argued that this book is mainly a narrative on what it is like to be a marginalized youth in Glasgow instead of an in depth look into the effects of youth gangs on social capital.

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