The Reality Of The Media Essay examples

The Reality Of The Media Essay examples

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There are many stereotypes out there in the world, scary, weird, mean ones. Do you ever stop and think about the commercial you just watched and how it is stereotyping? The media is a huge part of everyone’s daily life, including adolescents. The media has the control to show us what they want and let us hear what they want us to hear. This is where media literacy comes into play, I will identify all four domains in “Keeping up with the Kardashian’s”, “The Bachelor” and “Housewives of Orange County”. Reality television is a popular thing to watch on a starry night, reality television is for people to be filmed all the time and be entertaining rather than informative.

In “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” the episode is called “Khloe’s New Breast Friend”. The episode started off by having the Kardashian’s come up with “Porn Titles”, this already is depiction of sexuality. They started with mostly female parts and never went into discussing male body parts, they all laughed and took it as a joke when saying “Titty Sucker”. This touched on the emotional domain because it made me feel ...

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