The Reality Of Smoking And Smoking Essays

The Reality Of Smoking And Smoking Essays

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Nowadays, the only advertisements one sees on TV of cigarettes are the ones showing someone how deadly they can be, as seen in figure 2. Believe it or not, back in the 1930s, if one smoked cigarettes, they were cool and glamourous. Women were sexy and independent when they had a cigarette between their lips. Now, however, if a woman is seen smoking, she is seen as having a disgusting habit. The reality of smoking, seen in figure 2, is that a cigarette does not make a woman appealing. It’s just not cool or trendy anymore to smoke and once they banned smoking in certain areas, people lost interest. Smoking is something that strips one of all beauty leaving them rotting on the inside and out.
The first ad seen in figure 1 was made in 1929 and promotes Lucky Strike cigarettes using a beautiful, young looking woman. She is shown as being very healthy with a thin figure, but as you can see she is casting an obese looking shadow. Lucy Strike is known for its ads being based off woman’s beauty and in this it is meant to symbolize that smoking will make one skinny. They...

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