The Reality Of Reality Television Shows Essay

The Reality Of Reality Television Shows Essay

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Reality TV Show
The beginning of reality television started with competition shows and with the time reality television shows began to appear more and more. There are many different types of reality shows, such as game competitions, cooking contests, talents, or real family life. That means there are many viewers have been increasing and they like these types of shows because it is fun and many people get interested to know what will happen next. Every reality television show has been known to every family and county but not all people like it, but it has advantages are more than disadvantages. Furthermore, there are many causes behind the reason that reality television shows are popular.
Entertainment is one of the cause that reality TV is popular. There are different ages who like to watch reality TV. In addition, reality TV is not for specific age because it has different types of shows. People get more Interaction when they watch competitors and talk to their friends about it. When people watch reality TV shows, they can learn and have fun at the same. For example, if there is a woman likes cooking and when she watches reality TV cooking shows, it is interesting and she had fun because it is her hobby and she learns new things about cooking.
Furthermore, Teens like to watch reality television because they like an adventure with interesting and they have free time to watch because they usually do not have work. Patino said that "67 percent of preteens and 70 percent of teens have watched American Idol; 40 percent and 47 percent of preteens and teens, respectively, have seen Survivor." That shows us not just teens who watch reality TV pre-teens are watching it, too. Some teens when they watch it, it gives them hope to work for ...

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...reality TV shows, some of them mimic like what they watch. However, it is not bad id the teens act like them in a good way. However, not all the programs are real because they fix, handle and order the show to attract more viewers. Hicks agreed that “reality shows have become ratings bonanzas ..., many viewers remain suspicious of their reality. Virtually every episode of American Idol provokes online speculation about vote-rigging or unfair judging.”
In conclusion, the reasons for reality TV show being popular are entertainment, voyeurism, and TV producer. When a person watches these shows, he/she will have fun, find out new things, and learn from others mistakes. Also, views sometimes feel greater about them self, when the see lower than them, such as in cogitation, level, or ethnic. Reality TV shows are cheaper to produce because it is not like service or movies.

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