The Reality Of Human Nature Essay

The Reality Of Human Nature Essay

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Teachers obtain one of the greatest influences in the world by simply showing up to the classroom every day and educating the future. Throughout the course of a school year, children are in school for majority of the day. Educators must be well prepared to invest time to instill morals, knowledge, and manners into each student, and if done properly, teachers have the ability to mold a generation for the better.
The first topic explored is metaphysics. Metaphysics explores the reality of human nature such as a person’s purpose, and the freedom of choice. There is no reality without any truth present in the world. J.P. Moreland (1997) says in, Love God with All Your Mind, that “This is why truth is so powerful. It allows us to cooperate with reality, whether spiritual or physical, and tap into its power” (p. 96). There is a temptation of arrogance that comes with leadership, and educators must not lead on the belief of being better than the students are, conversely, teachers must be servants to the students to provide care and help. By becoming a servant leader, teachers will provide an example of a humble leader, which is what Christ resembled in his ministry. Ultimately, the reality of a true teacher is to strive and influence students to fulfill their potential in life.
The next issue explored is epistemology, which is the gaining of knowledge. To be an efficient educator, one must be intellectual is constantly learning as well. Knowledge is necessary for a Christina to inspire others to seek Christ. J. P. Moreland (1997) says, “The intellectual life is both a means to and a result of a life of discipline, self-control, and endurance” (110). An educator must be capable to sustain discipline, self-control, and endur...

... middle of paper ... diligence, dignity, integrity, and honor. In James 3:1 it says, “Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness” (English Standard Version). The requirements and expectations are much higher because teachers have a tremendous impact and influence on the student’s attitude, view of life, and view of learning.
Overall, abiding by the faith and seeking Christ is key for a proper educator for future students. Christ models the perfect execution of all the topics discussed with His disciples. Obtaining a Christian worldview as an educator will promote love, care, and passion to further help students succeed. Teaching is a crucial job, which requires an enormous amount of time and energy. In addition, teachers must keep eyes on the Lord, and be a light to the future generation of leaders.

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