Essay on The Reality Of Hamlet 's Insanity

Essay on The Reality Of Hamlet 's Insanity

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Grindstaff 1
Grayson R. Grindstaff
Mrs. Kim Joyner
Honors English IV
07 December 2015
The Reality of Hamlet’s Insanity
The controversy of whether or not the character Hamlet, in the play “Hamlet by William
Shakespeare, is truly insane or faking is an ongoing topic that has been discussed over many
years. Although Hamlet does show some evidence of psychoticism throughout the novel he also
shows much evidence of being a smart and sane guy. Hamlet is not infact crazy; he is just doing
what the the ghost of his father tells him to do. After the ghost appears to Prince Hamlet he tells
Hamlet he was poisoned by his Uncle Claudius and tells Hamlet to avenge his death. While
Hamlet attempts to avenge his father’s death, he shows much borderline crazy behavior. His
actions are understanding considering his situation. Hamlet is in fact sane. He fakes madness, he
alters his behavior to suit the situation, and he shows concern for Ophelia.
When Horatio witnesses Hamlet talking to the ghost he is obviously distraught about the
situation being that he cannot see what Hamlet is actually talking to. Most would jump to
conclusion quickly stating that Hamlet has gone mad when he has not. “Never speak of this that
you have seen” (Shakespeare 170). Once Hamlet realizes what Horatio has seen he quickly
makes him swear to never tell of what he saw . Interpreting the few ending lines in this act you
can see that Hamlet is telling Horatio that he is going to “feign madness”(Crawford). Hamlet
feigns madness to
Grindstaff 2
mask his purpose and gain an advantage on Claudius to personally receive the facts from his
uncle. He does this to expand his look of depression and separate himself from his family and
friends so that they cannot find out his true secr...

... middle of paper ... him, he begins criticizing
her father and stating that all women are fools (Kendall). Although the erratic behavior seems
quite insane when somebody is yelling and screaming something irrelevant, Hamlet is just trying
to keep his reputation so that nobody catches on.
Shakespeare had a way about his work that left reads and play watchers
wondering what he meant and how he meant for it to come off. In the argument between
Hamlet’s sanity there is much evidence throughout the play that shows it is all in act. Hamlet had
one goal and that was to kill his uncle and to get to that point he had to make him suffer to. The
way that Hamlet could change his behavior to suit his current environment, how he cared for his
Grindstaff 5
mother and Ophelia, and his feigning madness is all true evidence that Hamlet is sane, and wants
to avenge the death of his father in his own way.

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