Essay on Reality Has Always Been Valued By Society

Essay on Reality Has Always Been Valued By Society

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Beauty has always been valued by society. Within literature the hero protagonist is typically attractive and the villain antagonist is usually unappealing. We were taught from a young age to admire beauty, we do it as a secondary thought. Every culture and ethnicity has their own measure of beauty and extremes to achieve it; for example, a constricting corset in Victorian times. While cosmetic manipulation has been around for centuries it has only been accepted recently by society. The wide knowledge of plastic surgery came about in recent years partially due to television shows that promote plastic surgery such as “Extreme Makeover”, “Nip/Tuck”, and “Dr. 90210”. Those shows are successful at exposing the public to a hidden business. Reality television embraces the topic due to its shock ¬value resulting in the public is becoming more and more accustomed to the idea of plastic surgery. Reality TV can negatively impact their audience by their desire to want the displayed cosmetic surgery.
Reality television shows has become the modern day fairy tales. They all utilize the same equation: taking an average, dissatisfied individual, alter their appearance, after a surgical transformation she is a magically success and her life seems to experience a complete turnaround. While fairy tales and reality TV employs the same message the only difference is that, reality TV includes real people. Girls and women can relate the two principles and can be influenced in a negatively way. The exposure of idealized female models continues through the media and advertising. However, in some cases models or actor/actress slim physical appearance are not the result of displaying beauty, but cutting down the cost of fabric. They don’t slim down to extr...

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...f plastic surgery results from the possible changing of society’s morals and values.
Self-admiration in our culture is increasing and has become more accepted. Despite the unachievable photo-shopped beauty reality TV and society wants us to confirm people still would take any measure. A suggestion of eliminating the negative influence of reality TV could be displaying actually reality instead of false perceptions. Reality TV is tricking people to think the average person is expected to look like a model, millionaire, or actor. Today, cosmetic surgery is not only for the rich, banks even offer loans for it. The measures the society is taking to achieve beauty is unethical as beauty is valued as something you can buy. Reality television is assisting the acceptance of plastic surgery in our society by replicating the image of beauty an unimaginable amount of times.

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