Realism And Complex Interdependence Theories Essay

Realism And Complex Interdependence Theories Essay

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Realism and Complex Interdependence are theories that are not completely followed by any country or organization. Since neither are the optimal way to be successful in today’s globalized world, both theories are often better identified when looking at specific characteristics of each individually. Understanding, the strength and weaknesses of both theories to construct a better balance for today’s world.
The idea of Realism says that a state’s behavior is driven by the desire to survive and become more powerful. Also, Realism emphasizing that foreign policy must be settled on national interest rather than moral and ideological ideas. Believing that the best idea to ensure survival is to have military security in order to maintain power. Which was commonly seen in the 1700-1800’s when countries were fighting to their grow territories. Ultimately, using war as “interest-based” means of actions to conquer and expand. Niccolo Machiavelli is best known for his famous quote: “Since love and fear can exist together, it is far better to be feared than loved.” (Mobile,2008). Resulting in the states keeping apart and at odds with each other. Today, this is the less common idea and military dominance isn’t such a big deal anymore. As there are many successful countries who have small militaries. Which presents realism with a downfall not predicting the effects of globalization.
One current day example of this philosophy is North Korea. Since the labeled characteristics of Realism is a nation that stands alone with their own security and act in pursuit of their own national interests and struggles for power. Which North Korea pretty well represents their lone identity. North Korea does not want to be apart of the rest of the world and lit...

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...te sides of the spectrum it is important to realize that states will fall somewhere on that spectrum. Since the not country is ever the same because of values, status, or development that a single decided on a solution will not always be most effective. We have also learned that “my army is bigger than your army” is not a good way to handle problems either. We need to use the connectedness of the states to work to build the team as a whole so all states are flourishing and successful.
As the cliche goes we need to build everyone up instead of tearing each other down. Cautiously, theorist has predicted that states will be capped off at a certain point in development and be stalled there until the “lesser” states behind to catch up. In the end, we need to look at what works best from each theory and use a balance of the two to be successful in today’s globalized world.

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