Essay Realignment of STIP

Essay Realignment of STIP

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33.3 Options for the Future

This chapter has identified the key conclusions from the findings relating to the review of STIP.

As a result of this these conclusions, a number of options may be identified for the future. Each of those options is outlined below. There are several options for going forward from the present position in relation to the Science and Technology Internship Program (STIP), each of which has advantages and disadvantages. These are discussed briefly below.

Option 1: Abandon the program

In this option, funding for the program would cease at the conclusion of the current funding period, March 31, 2012. The program would cease to be a responsibility of the Corporate Management and Services Sector. Both HRDC and STIP evaluations would be completed by fiscal year end. Employers that have been part of the program to date would be free to continue to offer internship and seek wage subsidy funding through either Service Canada or one of the industrial Sectors programs for natural resources.

The advantages of this option are that there will be a considerable saving of NRCan resources that would be applied in other areas. Realigning our resources to focus on our core roles and responsibilities would be consistent with the objectives of the Strategic Operations Review Exercise. Past participating employers will be provided a list of similar programs for which they may present proposals for funding. Ending STIP may not have a noticeable impact on our reputation there are multitudes of wage subsidy programs (see Tab X) to achieve the same purpose as at present. .

The major disadvantage of this option is that in reality, NRCan would not be a federal partner in the delivery of Youth Employment Str...

... middle of paper ...

... requires dedicated resources from many corporate and sector stakeholders.

The advantage of this option is that it would, over time, allow for greater federal partners science and technology internship programs coherence to be developed, more adequate accountability processes to be established, and more equitable access to wage subsidies across the federal partners offering similar programs.

The disadvantage of this option is that while the cost of the development of a TB submission. Unless there are significant changes in the program model, the key challenges of sustainability, scalability and integration in the broader context discussed above will not be addressed. This will require a far more strategic use of the program resources, to develop strategic partnerships with other federal partners delivering Career Focus initiatives and operational practices.

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